Sunday, July 26, 2009

Car cake for my Mom!

July 26th, a very special day for the family. Its my moms Birthday! so i got tied up with baking cakes for my mom( 4 cakes). Anyways since my posts is all about the cake car I made for mom i'll try to stick to it :).

It was so hard looking for a tutorial about cake cars luckily i stumbled on this site .

used 2 loaf pans for the body of the cake.
sketched the car (side view) in a paper and cut it.
Spread some butter cream in the first loaf and place the other loaf on top of the first loaf.
Chill in the fridge for about 10 mins. so that the loaf will be sturdy.

Get the pattern of your car, the one you have sketched and cut.
from the side view using your pattern sculpt it.
Do a crumb coat.
place it in the fridge for 45 mins then coat it with butter cream again.
you can make use of fondant for a more cleaner look.
and decorate with cookies for wheels and some of those jelly beans stuffs.
Dont forget to have fun!

If given a choice i would really like to use fondant for this because it'll have a cleaner smoother look but unfortunately i dont have a sturdy table :( for me to knead my fondant.

Its such joy that my mom loved her car cake. Even though my car cake looks like mediocre (since im just a beginner in designing.) my mom was really happy seeing her car cake. Thats what I love about my mom she appreciate little things that us(her kids) give to her.
To all mom's out there much love to all of you!

Im Baked!
PS: Here are the pics :)

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