Sunday, July 26, 2009

Car cake for my Mom!

July 26th, a very special day for the family. Its my moms Birthday! so i got tied up with baking cakes for my mom( 4 cakes). Anyways since my posts is all about the cake car I made for mom i'll try to stick to it :).

It was so hard looking for a tutorial about cake cars luckily i stumbled on this site .

used 2 loaf pans for the body of the cake.
sketched the car (side view) in a paper and cut it.
Spread some butter cream in the first loaf and place the other loaf on top of the first loaf.
Chill in the fridge for about 10 mins. so that the loaf will be sturdy.

Get the pattern of your car, the one you have sketched and cut.
from the side view using your pattern sculpt it.
Do a crumb coat.
place it in the fridge for 45 mins then coat it with butter cream again.
you can make use of fondant for a more cleaner look.
and decorate with cookies for wheels and some of those jelly beans stuffs.
Dont forget to have fun!

If given a choice i would really like to use fondant for this because it'll have a cleaner smoother look but unfortunately i dont have a sturdy table :( for me to knead my fondant.

Its such joy that my mom loved her car cake. Even though my car cake looks like mediocre (since im just a beginner in designing.) my mom was really happy seeing her car cake. Thats what I love about my mom she appreciate little things that us(her kids) give to her.
To all mom's out there much love to all of you!

Im Baked!
PS: Here are the pics :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Barbie cake: Fashion Meets Food.

The ultimate Fashion icon, She's chic, classy and never goes out of style. She likes to party, she like's to have fun, she can be adventurous, she can be a diva or a fairy.
She is Barbie.

When I was young, a trip to the toy store wouldn't be complete without two items: A.) A kitchen play set (whether its a stove or a fridge or a pan)

These are Two things im very passionate about; Food and Fashion. Around 12 years ago I would hunt for unused clothes, socks or any fabrics that has nice prints or laces, then i will get my Mom's needle and thread, cut the fabric fit it in barbie and sew it :) My mom was so proud that i can sew barbie dresses and gowns (because my mom's not into it hahaha) I made hair extension or highlights for barbie too!

Anyways, lets go back to the barbie cake. Last saturday July 11 around 10 p.m. i was surfing youtube and was looking for "piping/decorations tips" and then i came across the barbie cake, It's becoming very popular now a days. Before a typical birthday cake is just an 8'' round cake with happy birthday prints and candles, but now it evolves to barbies, mermaids or transformers.

Going back to youtube. I watched a how to video for barbie cakes. I was watching it ten times and it looks very easy, I'm very amazed. Since i had always loved designing barbie dresses this cake is so for me! :) I was excited to make my own Barbie cake.

Sunday Morning I went out to buy baking stuffs and i started to bake around 1 pm and finished baking around 6 pm because i can only fit one round pan in the center rack and it takes an hour for each pan to be baked. so thats 2 hours prep and 3 hours baking (1 hour for each pan).

I used pound cake and boiled icing, and well it turned out sweet. so next time I will be adjusting the sugar from the pound cake or maybe i will choose other frosting besides boiled icing.

What I learned is: use 3 8'' round pans, and a Big pyrex glass bowl (the microwaveable safe ones)
I only used 2 8'inch round pans (which is wrong! hahaha the dress falls short in the waist)so i had to do some "magic"
Other tip use the big pyrex glass bowl, What I did was used the smaller pyrex glass bowl. hahaha which is wrong again since there will be a gap from the next layer of cake.

It was a bit challenging :) but fun! To all those who haven't tried making a barbie cake, i suggest you do. This is the link where i learned to make barbie cake .

I'm Baked!

P.s. heres the picture of my barbie cake,
Theme: Barbie's wedding (but Ken had cold feet he didn't showed up)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Basic Fondant For Beginners

I always admire bakers who create such luscious and mouth watering cakes. But my Hats Off to those who make ART using Fondant, Its not easy, I got drained. For the love of baking I dare to try something I am not familiar with. This is My first ever attempt with Fondant. i love it :) I need Practice, I need a dummie, I need more Fondant :)

9th of July 2009: I enrolled in a beginner course in Fondant making, The night before I was so excited I cant even sleep. Anyways the class starts at 10 so I went there early to register and well, be in front seat.

Ms. Aggy of Heny Sison Culinary School helped us in discovering the world of fondant and Gum paste. I really enjoyed that class, I learned a lot and now I am More Fascinated with Fondant, Gum paste and piping.

My Passion for baking and decorating has reached another level, I do love it, its very tiring, physically and mentally. But I love it.

Im Baked!

P.s. Here's a Picture of my First attempt with Fondant .

Here's a Basic Recipe of Fondant:

Unflavored Gelatin
Cold Water
Powdered Sugar

1. Dissolve the gelatin into cold water. set aside for 5 mins. mix a bit
2. Prepare a double boiler put into medium heat
3. Pour half of the Powdered sugar into mixing bowl make a well and set aside. Check with the gelatin
4. Pour the gelatin in the double boiler, stir and when the gelatin turns clear no particles visible add the glucose.
5. dissolve the glucose then add the glycerin.
6. When glycerin is dissolved add the shortening.
7. Dissolved the shortening and turn off the heat.
8. Get Back with the powdered sugar, Pour the gelatin mixture in the middle of the well of the powdered sugar.
9. mix it slowly
10. when its all mixed up. get half of the powdered sugar and put it in a clean surface.
11. Pour the contents of the mixing bowl in the powdered sugar and Its time to Knead!
12. Knead till it turns into dough.
13. If it is still sticky it needs more kneading.

14. When the right texture is achieved wrap it tightly using plastic and store it in a container.

Hope This Helps :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sweets By M is happy you stumble on her site

How I got hooked up with Baking

I have been baking for quite sometime now, about 5 years and counting. It first started when my mom bought me an oven, I think I was in High school back then. I had no Idea about baking and all it technicality involved, But I was really happy Mom bought one for me. Since my dad got all excited seeing the new oven he decided to bake and well he bought a betty crocker instant muffin mix and the funny thing is he had no idea what so ever with baking! the yummy muffin turned out to be something else hehehe. for a while I forgot about the oven and was busy with studies . I have No pans and other utensils for baking at home before and my aunt gave me her baking kit before leaving for malaysia which includes some pans, measuring cups, thermometers and baking books which really helped me alot.

When I entered college, i took up Hotel and Restaurant Management. I had always love cooking and decided to learn more about it. During my college days we had a subject where in we had to bake. There, I learned the basics of measuring, temperature, beating eggs and the like. Now this part I began to fall in love with baking. I baked and baked the same "Cappucino Bars" (since it was the first baked goodie I learned to baked on my own) till my siblings got annoyed with it hahaha. Then I started to bake different kinds of goodies from brownies to cookies (which my dad Loves so much). Now I bake cakes, cup cakes for family gatherings, birthdays etc.

Im a very much fascinated with baking, I love it so much I never really get tired doing it. even if its just a dozen cupcakes or 300 pcs.

Come join me in my baking journey!

I'm Baked :)

xxo M