Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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How I got hooked up with Baking

I have been baking for quite sometime now, about 5 years and counting. It first started when my mom bought me an oven, I think I was in High school back then. I had no Idea about baking and all it technicality involved, But I was really happy Mom bought one for me. Since my dad got all excited seeing the new oven he decided to bake and well he bought a betty crocker instant muffin mix and the funny thing is he had no idea what so ever with baking! the yummy muffin turned out to be something else hehehe. for a while I forgot about the oven and was busy with studies . I have No pans and other utensils for baking at home before and my aunt gave me her baking kit before leaving for malaysia which includes some pans, measuring cups, thermometers and baking books which really helped me alot.

When I entered college, i took up Hotel and Restaurant Management. I had always love cooking and decided to learn more about it. During my college days we had a subject where in we had to bake. There, I learned the basics of measuring, temperature, beating eggs and the like. Now this part I began to fall in love with baking. I baked and baked the same "Cappucino Bars" (since it was the first baked goodie I learned to baked on my own) till my siblings got annoyed with it hahaha. Then I started to bake different kinds of goodies from brownies to cookies (which my dad Loves so much). Now I bake cakes, cup cakes for family gatherings, birthdays etc.

Im a very much fascinated with baking, I love it so much I never really get tired doing it. even if its just a dozen cupcakes or 300 pcs.

Come join me in my baking journey!

I'm Baked :)

xxo M

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