Thursday, July 9, 2009

Basic Fondant For Beginners

I always admire bakers who create such luscious and mouth watering cakes. But my Hats Off to those who make ART using Fondant, Its not easy, I got drained. For the love of baking I dare to try something I am not familiar with. This is My first ever attempt with Fondant. i love it :) I need Practice, I need a dummie, I need more Fondant :)

9th of July 2009: I enrolled in a beginner course in Fondant making, The night before I was so excited I cant even sleep. Anyways the class starts at 10 so I went there early to register and well, be in front seat.

Ms. Aggy of Heny Sison Culinary School helped us in discovering the world of fondant and Gum paste. I really enjoyed that class, I learned a lot and now I am More Fascinated with Fondant, Gum paste and piping.

My Passion for baking and decorating has reached another level, I do love it, its very tiring, physically and mentally. But I love it.

Im Baked!

P.s. Here's a Picture of my First attempt with Fondant .

Here's a Basic Recipe of Fondant:

Unflavored Gelatin
Cold Water
Powdered Sugar

1. Dissolve the gelatin into cold water. set aside for 5 mins. mix a bit
2. Prepare a double boiler put into medium heat
3. Pour half of the Powdered sugar into mixing bowl make a well and set aside. Check with the gelatin
4. Pour the gelatin in the double boiler, stir and when the gelatin turns clear no particles visible add the glucose.
5. dissolve the glucose then add the glycerin.
6. When glycerin is dissolved add the shortening.
7. Dissolved the shortening and turn off the heat.
8. Get Back with the powdered sugar, Pour the gelatin mixture in the middle of the well of the powdered sugar.
9. mix it slowly
10. when its all mixed up. get half of the powdered sugar and put it in a clean surface.
11. Pour the contents of the mixing bowl in the powdered sugar and Its time to Knead!
12. Knead till it turns into dough.
13. If it is still sticky it needs more kneading.

14. When the right texture is achieved wrap it tightly using plastic and store it in a container.

Hope This Helps :)


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I like your story of learning to bake. I could bake all day and should go to school to be a baker since I love to play with flour so much. I will visit your blog again.

  2. Hi Joyce, Thanks for visiting my site. Baking school is so much fun, lots of tricks being taught and it is such joy meeting fellow baking enthusiast. :)


  3. Great job on your cake! I have been wanting to learn to work with fondant too. I just purchased some pre-made, but haven't done anything with it yet, I feel a little intimidated. A class would be fun! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  4. Hi Alice, Thank you for the complement :). by the way, the fondant class I attended was just a one day beginners course and I really did learn a lot. We compared the pre-made fondant and the fondant made from scratch and for me, i like the taste of the fondant that is pre-made better i forgot the brand but it has vanilla and chocolate (and it tasted like tootsie roll) :) I know kids would go crazy if they'll taste it.